A Father Is One Who Loves!!!

When you are a Christian you are called to love all people. It doesn’t matter what color they are, what nationality, what ethnic background, what religion, what sexual orientation, what sin they commit, everyone. God has called us to do so and something that hit me hard recently is that people that are not of the same faith do not see that from all of us. It was hard to have a conversation with some friends that believed that Christians don’t love all people; that felt that we pick and choose who we love based off of if they have similar views as we do or if they look like us. It almost bought me to tears that all Christians are not doing what the scripture in Matthew 5:16. That reads “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” It hurts because it is like Christians forget what the entire bible says in Romans 3:23. It reads “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” If that is the case then why is it so easy for society to dismiss love unless it is sexual in nature.

As Christian Fathers in the 21st Century we have to realize that it is our job to love everyone that God has placed in our path. It is not our job to pick and choose who we love but God mandated us to love everyone. This is especially important when it comes to our children. We must show them unconditional love all the time. Just like we discussed in a previous blog that we have to be present as fathers we have to love them and praise them with Love.

Here is were I get a little controversial but it is the truth and the Lord will not bless this ministry if I run from it now but we have to learn to love even when it seems hard to love. What I mean by this is there are lots of people in this world right now who have varying beliefs about sexuality. I 100% believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and that Homosexuality is a sin. However, I also believe that that is not the only sin on the roster. People that are homosexuals are not the only ones that are living in sin but yet it is the only one that we hear churches speaking out about. Not about the people having babies out of wedlock or alcoholics. My point is not to bash any of them but to show that we must show them all the same amount of love. We have to love them until we can’t love them any more.

There are people that God has placed in our lives that are different from us. Yet God placed them there so that we might be able to Love them any way. When we fail to do this we fail to truly do what God has asked us to do as fathers. I am with you it can be very hard sometimes to show love when we ourselves are hurting. It is very hard to show Love when at times we don’t feel like anyone is showing us love in return. This reminds me of the greatest Chapter in the Bible on Love. Paul writes in his first letter to the people of Corinth about Love. He tells them that if he is missing love then even in prophesy he has failed. He tells them that even with all the good things that he may do for people if he doesn’t love them it profits him nothing. We have to change our hard exterior and work on being loving caring fathers. We have to put a little love in our hearts and that love will spread to everyone that we come in contact with.

I want every father, every man that reads this message to take out 20 mins of your day. 20 mins to intentionally show love to people that you come in contact with. Show them that fathers are able to show love just as much as mothers are. Fathers showing love will make this world a more positive place.

Yours in Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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