Should Fathers Use The Do As I Say Not As Do Saying?

Lots of times parents get caught telling their children do what I say not as I do. Is that really the Christian way to look at life? Will our children really learn from this type of Christian leadership? I feel that as fathers if we live like this our children will do nothing but look down on us in the future.

I can remember times in my life growing up and seeing my family do things as Christians that did not line up with the Bible. For me it put me in a position that I was confused about what I should really be as a Christian. I feel like that was the case because the example that I needed wasn’t there. That makes it hard for Children as a whole. So the huge question then is then what should you do if your life is not where it should be yet you are a parent. You are a father but you are still battling the life you had before you became a Christian. The answer is going to be a tough one but an honest one. You have to do the right thing and teach your children to do the same.

When being a father we have to look at life as though we are the example. We have to be able to have that open communication with them so that when they do mess up they will tell us and not be afraid. I have set my children down and prayed with them and talked to them about mistakes I have made in life and how I don’t want them to make the same ones. I have shared with them that it is no reason for them to struggle with certain things when I have the answers to the test and I can tell them what the end state is going to be. We cannot live our lives with that colloquialism thinking that it will make our children act right because it will not. Think back to when your parents did it to you. Did it correct the thing that you were doing wrong? It probably didn’t so what makes you think it will correct your children.

Let’s talk about it what are some things in life that you are letting your children down with? What are some things that you are doing as a Christian that you should probably stop doing but it still has its grips on you? I know some people wont want to leave things like this in the comments but know if you just type prayer then I believe that we serve a God that is able to reach what ever your need is. He will be able to touch your problem no matter the magnitude. Leave some comments I’m ready to interact.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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