How Does Your Children See You Treat Their Mother? Part 2

After writing the first portion of “ How Does Your Children See You Treat Their Mother” I discovered it was something that many people were interested in. Males and Females alike wanted to know what needed to be done in order to set a good example for your children. Many times we as parents aren’t sure what we are doing until it is to late. When we argue or don’t treat our spouses the way that we are supposed to then our children are truly learning habits. They are learning habits that can cause detrimental problems for them in the future.

So lets look at what I feel needs to happen over the course of time to correct the damage that has already been done. Especially for the children that are older and are about to start their own families. This is going to be tough but it is essential. Apologize to your children for the things that you messed up on when they were younger. What does that do some may ask? It allows your children to know that you to are human. That you realize that you have made a mistake and have learned from that mistake. It teaches your children that even though you made the mistake you are willing to teach your children that they don’t have to make the same mistakes. That they can have a more successful marriage than you had initially. The great thing about this is because you are teaching your children how to have a better marriage you will strengthen and grow your marriage as well.

The life that we live in the eyes of our children is important. It teaches them what to expect when they get older. Lots of times it may seem that they are not listening to anything that you have to say but you are making an impact. You are giving them tools that will be able to add to their tool bag for years to come. I love my wife she is my best friend but I have not always treated her that way. I have not always shown her that she is the rock that I stand on. Men we have to set the example. Men we have to show our children that there are a certain ways that their spouses should be treated. Men we are the ones who are to mentor our family. The Bible tells us to be the leader of our households. That we should be the ones that are guiding them through the next levels of life.

I want Fathers to know that believing and trusting in God will allow them to better lead their families. I want fathers to understand that they are born with the power of love and a sound mind. Which means that they have to show the mothers of their children undying love.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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