Can Fathers Still Be Taught?

Like I have mention previously I have been a father for 11 years. It may not seem long to some but to others it is an eternity. I even had to take the abridged course because when I became one I went from 0 to 4 in a matter of “I Do”. Do I regret the experience absolutely not but it did force me to learn some things very fast. I had to become a father to children who were already graduates of the baby and toddler stage. While also going through the baby and toddler stage. So it goes back to my question can Fathers still be taught?

I personally believe that it is mandatory for us as fathers to learn new things. Even if we are not interested in learning a new skill ourselves sometimes it is necessary. Let’s talk about it a few years after I became a Dad my children got into sports. Some of the sports/events I was not very familiar with but that was not an excuse. My children liked volley ball, tennis and high jump all three I was not very familiar with. So what is a dad to do when he gets in this type of predicament? In our new 21st century digital age YouTube became my best friend. I was able to look up videos on different techniques so that I could work with my children on getting better at what they wanted to do. Since I was willing and able to do that the one who liked volleyball and high jump is doing both of them in College to this day.

That was a simple example about learning a skill so that you can interact with your child. So, what if it is something on a grander scale. What if it is something that you have to learn in order to save your child’s life. There are children that are born with all types of diseases or they develop them over time and it is our duty to learn how to take care of them. It’s our duty not to make excuses on what we can and can not do. I have heard of many fathers packing up and leaving because they no longer know how to take care of their child. They feel like the child is better off with out them in the home. In my opinion that is not a true statement. We have to be prepared to learn new things all of the time in order to make us better fathers.

I like using Eli when it comes to talking about being a father. He was a man that did not learn what to do with his own sons. They grew up and where doing all types of things that they should not have been doing. They were not following the rules that they knew they should especially with their father being the priest. However, God trusted him to get it right with Samuel. God allowed him to prepare Samuel to be the next priest because Eli’s sons were not going to live much longer. Eli had to learn from the mistakes that he had made with his own children and fix them when it came to young Samuel.

Take some time this weekend and learn something new that will benefit you and your children. Once you learn it if it is practical for your children teach it to them as well. We have to be ready to be great Christian Fathers.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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