Who Is A Christian Father? 4

As we continue to talk about Who Christian Fathers really are it came to my attention that I did not properly set the stage on what a Christian Father is really supposed to be. This series has been about the different characteristics that make up a good Christian Father. Characteristics that if the father is lacking them then he is surely leading his children down a path that they should not be on.

So far we have given three different traits a Christian father should have. We have discussed the loving, teaching, and providing. With these traits to me you are building a super Christian Father. With these traits you are developing a father that is the whose who of fathers. I have begin to read a book that is written by a few professional football players. In their book they discuss that they want to be such good fathers that they want to be inducted into the “Father Hall Of Fame”. If that is the goal that is out there for anyone it should be out there for everyone.

We see Fathers all over wearing shirts, or having mugs that say #1 DAD on them. What gives the the qualifications to wear or use that type of merchandise. Are they training up their child in the way that it should go so that when it grows old that it wont depart from it. Is that father instilling in his child the Beatitudes so that they know the traits that they need in order to be considered a good person. Is that father instilling in his children The Fruits of the Spirit. These are things that allow us to be considered the #1 Dad. For with all of those things when they want to play catch we are there. When they want to have tea parties we are there. When they want to just talk we are there with the listening Ear.

So what is the Goal? What is the end state that we are trying to reach? Are we trying to enter into the “Fathers Hall of Fame”? Are we trying to be a Whose Who of Christian Fathers? Think about what your goals are as a father and work everyday at trying to reach and perfect those goals.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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