What Is Going On With Christian Fathers?

In the year 2020 there has been so many crucial things going on. Many things that have gone on during this year have given Christian Fathers a chance to stand up and make a stand on things that they truly believe in. However from some of the fathers that I see on Social Media are not living up to the potential that they can rightfully live up to. I see my social media and I see Fathers struggling with things to do with all of their children and family at home because of the pandemic. Then in the United States we have Fathers not standing their ground when it comes to New Music coming on the radio (I will go in to detail in a moment). We have to show our place in the lives of our families.

When it deals with the lifestyle that we are living during this pandemic. I wonder why more of us are not being ministry minded. Why are we still trying to have ministry as usual instead of exploring the new levels that God is trying to take us to. We are in a time when we have the opportunity to have a true desert experience with God. We are able to connect with God in a way that we have never had before because the amount of free time that we have. If we open up our eyes God is giving us an opportunity to connect with him in ways that we have never done before. Here is what I suggest take out ten minutes a day and just spend that time with you and God together. For some ten minutes might be a lot of time for others ten minutes is not a challenge at all. Find your balance and spend that time with God.

That takes me to my next point. The men on my social media are going in a frenzy about this new song by Cardi B. The song is entitled “WAP” and in the song she is being super explicit about her sexual encounters. The problem that I am seeing is that Fathers are blaming the artist for writing a song that is teaching their children about sex and that it is getting to much attention. What the concern should be right now is that if fathers find the song inappropriate for their children then they should make a stand not against the artist but against what is going on in their own homes. How can we call ourselves the Men of our homes if we have a problem with music that our children are listening to but we cant make a correction in love. We have to be able to chastise our children in a way that they feel loved but know that we don’t approve of the music that is being listened to. If we really want to make a difference in their lives then stop giving the song so much attention and let it go. It will eventually die out and wont even be a concern. God has told us that we are supposed to live in this world but not be of this world. What kind of stand are you as a parent trying to make I pray that it is a Christian One.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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