A Christian Dad At A Lost!!

It took me a while today to get prepared to write my post for today. I still don’t feel as if I am ready but here it goes. Many things have happened this weekend alone that have taken me back a few steps. From one of my children going off to college, to helping my sister get some life choices made, to having to deal with my younger children missing their big siblings and acting out. The weekend has been a lot and it is not even over yet.

I was overly excited to take my child off to school. Like I have mentioned in previous post children going off to college during this pandemic is a very trying experience. However, the child is at a time in their life where they have to move on so that they can grow. This particular child had a lot of hardships throughout their formative years. So to see them make it this far is nothing short of amazing and truly a blessing from God. This child will move into this new role and grow to levels that they never thought was imaginable. I am beyond excited for them. I pray daily that all the things that is for them to learn that God will place it in their path and give them success. I believe that God will make this happen

Then I have the event where I had to help my sister. This was a huge thing for me because of the things that I do already in ministry was able to touch so close to home. My children get to experience it all the time but we have never had the opportunity to touch other family members. This experience was great though because it allowed me to be able to see the true impact that I have in my community and on the people around me. God was able to show me that the things that he has called me to do have not been in vain. That the work that he has me doing for his kingdom is reaching full circle. I thank God for the ministry that he has birthed into me and I ask that he continues to allow it to grow in me.

Now it comes to the thing that really has me lost and in a bind. I have to little ones still at the house. They are really sad because they are seeming to lose siblings at home with them by the handful. So as a Father it is my job to make sure I am aware of their feelings and how I can help them to grow. Then they start acting out and doing some things that under normal circumstances would get them in a world of hurt. However knowing what I know about how they feel with everything else I wonder should I show them some grace. Should I let them know that the things they have done wrong should get them in trouble but because of their recent lost they are getting out of trouble. I love my children but with this level of destruction that they are reaching seems like it has gone to brand new heights. God I ask that you clear my mind on the things that you would have me to do and to say to my children to help them learn from this mistake. Lord Jesus continue to give me strength in this trying time. You are my King of kings and my Lord of Lords. Thank you for being my Savior.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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