Have Faith

Many times as Christians we find ourself in a situation where we have to learn to put all of our trust in God. I have heard multiple stories this week that remind me of the story of Job. Stories that people have told about how they lost it all. How they lost their health, their jobs, their homes, their everything and how those experiences have changed the relationship they have had with God.

All of these people I want to seek God in prayer for. I want them to be restored everything that they have lost in life and be made new. Some things are unrepayable like the lost of a love one. But the God that we serve has the ability to place someone in your life that reminds you of the person that you had once lost. I am seeing that we have to have the ability that even when we are going through those hard times that we must continue to trust in God. These times are hard because we are still humans and when things hit us personally how do we remain faithful. I listened to a man in bible study tell about how he had a heart attack while preaching and that was the beginning of the journey that God was about to take him through. That was the beginning of how God was about to change his life forever. It is like what God had to do for Gideon he had to make it so that no matter what happen the people that would hear about it would know that it was all God and had nothing to do with the man himself.

So Christian Dads here is your challenge for today. Look at things that you are experiencing in life and figure out how you can put all of your faith in God.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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