Response To Men Being Taught How To Be Better Husbands and Fathers

After my last message about the church teaching men to be husbands and fathers. I received a lot of mixed reviews over social media. Some that I feel like were trolls within a Fathers ministry page but others gave really good feedback. There were some things that were brought to my attention that I was not really aware of. There was things that were said that gave me some good insight about what is really needed.

One of the people that has actually done a lot of work in this ministry field said that “People that want to be good fathers and husbands are already looking for the tools that make them good and are already pretty good parents. While parents that are doing bad don’t want to be told that they are doing bad and don’t really want help.” I looked at this insight from someone who has been in the trenches with this type of ministry has very informative. I see it this way because it gets you grounded in your thoughts about ministry. It helps you to understand that there will always be people that you will not be able to help in this world. The ones who are going to want to do better are going to try and do better.

This brings me to my next point that was interesting to me. A guy commented that you can give men all the tools but if they don’t use them then what are you supposed to do. It seemed to me that he was very indifferent about doing this type of work. Yes his statements are true but in his full context he said that it was not necessary to teach these skills because they wont be used. That is the part that bugs me God called us to ministry not for the masses but for the one that we may be able to save through the things that God has given us.

There was even a friend that said that his church has ministry that teaches men how to be fathers and husbands. He said that he feels that he is a better man for it. It allows him to be aware of his shortcomings and the things that he has to improve. He looks at the training that he has received as needed and thinks that it should be done all over the world.

If I would have to look at everything that was said about this topic on my comments I would be able to gather that there are many people who feel like this should be happening in ministry. However, there are just as many who have lost faith in the work that ministry can do and don’t believe that it would even work if we tried. My prayer is that men everywhere would get the opportunity to do the things that will make them better husbands and fathers. I believe also that it is the church’s responsibility to help get us there.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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