Media Wants Us to Believe that Heaven is Segregated

Throughout this time we have spent together over the last few months. We have dived into many different subjects. We have talked about some things that have been happening around the world especially when it comes to different social issues. We have briefly talked about some of the riots that have been going on. We have even talked very briefly on why it is that some of them have started in the first place. I want to take a few moments to discuss some of these things that have been going on in the United States. Through this discussion I pray to come to some solutions on why these things may be happening and if we can finally get them to stop.

In the USA many people of color feel as if the white Americans have unwarranted privilege. They feel at times that whites have received special treatment when it comes to jobs, schools, and even crime punishment. It has been seen all over the media when someone of color commits a crime and the book gets thrown at them and then a White person commits the same crime and receives a lesser punishment. It is seen and it is wide spread across the USA. It doesn’t just happen anymore in certain parts of the country but all over. It is something that has caused out roar within the community and it is something that people of color want to see changed. Especially since these are not the only injustices that they see happening in their communities.

People of color are also seeing their fellow brothers and sisters being killed in the streets by people who are supposed to be under the motto to”protect and serve”. Lots of times in America it appears that they do a lot less protection and a lot more serving up bullets. I do feel at times police officers should be able to protect themselves when they feel threatened but when is feeling threatened going to be to much in the USA. How many lives are going to have to be lost for no reason at all before some changes are made. Don’t get me wrong there have been some cops out there that want to do the right things but the media is not portraying those cops. They are only portraying the cops who are doing negative things.

The problem that I see with all of this is that when people have been oppressed for so long when they begin to get power instead of doing good for all they turn in to the oppressor. My prayer for what is going on in the USA is that we are able to find a compromise that allows people of color to feel safe in their own country. I pray that in America that we are able to find solutions that allows us to not just show things over the media that will induce hate and prejudice. I feel that way because we already have enough hate and prejudice in the USA we don’t need the media to ignite the fire.

Christians lets stand up for the social injustice. Since media sits out here and wants us to believe that heaven is going to be segregated and that we are going to spend our eternity only with our own kind. That is is not true and it is causing so much hate within the world. I want people to understand that God called us as Christians to love not to hate our neighbors. How can we do a better job in letting our light shine?

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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