How does Sex Affect Your Marriage

For a very long time in my relationship with my wife I allowed this very small word to define how I felt and how things went within my relationship. It caused some very bad things to go on within our relationship that probably would have never happened if I had just grown up a little and paid more attention to the actual relationship that I was in. I feel that I have gotten a lot better with this in some aspects but there are still times that I struggle with my feelings when it comes to this. So that’s when it goes back to the original question of the day; How does sex affect your marriage?

For me it has affected my marriage negatively and positively. It really depended for me if I was getting some or not. Most times if I was getting it then it was positive but if I wasn’t then things went negatively. Honestly looking over the situation from my perspective as I am writing this I was being very selfish. I was placing my needs and desires over the things that my wife was telling me where going on with her. My thoughts were simple if I wanted sex then I needed to get it no matter what was going on with my wife that day. Ask yourself is that really fair. When these things went on if I didn’t get what I wanted I would treat my wife a lot of times like she was scum again something that is not fair at all to her. But then when it came to me receiving what I was looking for I was ok to be around till I wanted sex again and then I was a pain.

What I have learned from these experiences are simple looking back on it now but tough while I was going through it. Life can be great sexually and emotionally if you and your partner are both on the same page. The love that you show your spouse does not have to just be sexual. The relationship comes with emotions, it comes with communication, and it definitely comes with understanding all of those things about the other person. Should sex affect your marriage absolutely, by no means am I saying that it shouldn’t what I am saying is that we have to pay attention to how we let it affect our marriage and relationships. As fathers and husbands the way that we treat our wife even in the bad times is very important. It is what we show our children the way that marriage is supposed to be. There are things that have happened in my marriage that I regret but I never for a moment regret the fact that I have gotten married.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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