Physical and Spiritual Fitness

To continue where we started the year we are talking about how Christian Dads have to maintain their physical and spiritual fitness levels. It is not something that can only be looked at every once in awhile it is something that must continually be maintained. I shared with you in our last encounter about my goals for the year. Let’s discuss where I have gotten so far in my journey for fitness.

Physical Fitness

I mentioned to you guys already that I will be participating in two races in February. They are back to back so the amount of training that I have to do in order to be fit enough to complete both races is very extensive. Now these are not ordinary races, they are Spartan races. Spartan Races are obstacle races that test you at every level of your endurance. You have to be ready for everything that they can throw at you. This is important because no 2 races are the same. Even when you do the same race the next year it will not be the same race that you ran the year before. Today I got in 5 miles of Cardio and I did a strength workout in the gym. It is very tiring at times but I have a goal that I have set for myself and the only way that I am going to be able to meet my goal is if I prepare for what is to come at the end of next month. We as Fathers have to be fit if we are going to be able to do the fun things with our children. If we want to be able to still run around and play ball with our Grandchildren. The work that we do now when it comes to our physical fitness sets us up for our future. Preparation is the key.

Spiritual Fitness

I have started my second goal as well. I mentioned the book that I have started to read and will probably be complete with it by the time we are to speak again through this blog. When I am done reading the book I will be sure to give a quick synopsis on what I feel like I have learned from this book and let you know what book I will be reading next. As this blog post was written I have not been given any suggestions from you the reader and I would love to get to know more about your spiritual fitness journey by reading books that God has blessed you with. 50 books may seem like a lot of books to some but I fill that with sacrifice and God on my side that it can be done.

My church is currently doing a fast for the next 14 days. While I am fasting and going through my journey with these goals drop some prayer request so that I may pray for the things that you are going through in your life.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad

By A Christian Dad

I am a Christian Father who wants to put information out about being a Christian.

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