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This is a site for men to discuss things that Christian Fathers do and go through.

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Physical and Spiritual Fitness

To continue where we started the year we are talking about how Christian Dads have to maintain their physical and spiritual fitness levels. It is not something that can only be looked at every once in awhile it is something that must continually be maintained. I shared with you in our last encounter about my […]

A Christian Dad on a Whole New Level!

I had to take a personal break from writing and communicating through my blog. It was hard for me because I had set up Calendar reminders to tell me when to write. I had to take a break because I had lost focus. I don’t feel that I was meeting the intent of what I […]

Day of Thanksgiving

It has been 23 days since I have last written in my blog. I have been out of sorts on what to really say. I have been asking God how I should speak to you his people and instead of forcing something I stayed silent. I allowed God to personally speak to me and give […]

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