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Dads Are We Voting In This Election?

With an election in the United States looming and with so many things on the agenda this year are we as Christians supposed to vote in the upcoming election? Is it important for us to let our voices be heard through the voting process or should we just pray and let God have control over […]

Same Sex Marriage OK?

I want to start this blog first stating everything that the Pope said is not my belief and I do not agree with the overall message that is being stated here. Just, hear me out and maybe we can come to a point of discussion and conversation. I do not agree with same sex marriage […]

How does Sex Affect Your Marriage

For a very long time in my relationship with my wife I allowed this very small word to define how I felt and how things went within my relationship. It caused some very bad things to go on within our relationship that probably would have never happened if I had just grown up a little […]

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