The Fruit of the Spirit that we are going to talk about today is LOVE. I feel like I have been beating this topic to death. I feel this way because the more I dig into scripture the more it is brought to my attention that this is the same love word used in the book of Deuteronomy. I have written about it in my previous articles about the SHEMA. Now we will go into this love word with a little bit more detail. The word in the original Hebrew language is “Ahavah” Strongs Hebrew 160. It is “Agape” in the Greek Strong Greek 26. These words of Love are important in how we live our lives. We have to be able to show love to God as well as our neighbor.

So Christian Fathers what does this have to do with us. How are we supposed to love both God and our neighbor? Are we supposed to love them equally or are we supposed to love one more than the other. If we look at the Great Commandment in Matthew 22:37-39 it is later explained that they are one in the same. We can not love God without loving our neighbor. If we are failing to love our neighbor or our fellow man then we are failing to love God. We as men have a special responsibility when it comes to love. Love is so important that it is expressed over 200 times in the Bible. It is so important that it is something that God thought it important enough to have us use it to describe so many things that we do.

We have to understand like it was explained in the web videos from the Bible Project that we cannot love “pizza and our wives the same” for if we did then our wife would probably be offended and you would end up on the couch. Yet, for most people pizza is still held in high esteem. I have an even better one for you the love of your wife or football. Many times we get in trouble because we place football over our wives. With the new NFL season starting on tonight many fathers are going to have to choose which love is greater or make a compromise. That is the same place we are when it comes to God. However this is no compromise God has to be our number one love. All the things that we do should point back to the love that we have for God.

For me even when it comes back to me writing this blog it’s shold point back to Christ in all that I do. So back to The Fruits of the Spirit, Love is the first fruit that Paul decides to list in the text because to me that character trait is one that is most important. When you have love you are able to build and truly get to the other Fruits of the Spirit. So fathers explain to me how you feel that love effects you in your every day life. Fathers is love strengthening or hindering your ministry? Is love the core of all of your relationships? On these next couple of days where ever you read this article lets dialogue about LoVE.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad