Can You Still Hear His Voice?

Can You Still Here His Voice?

I saw this picture on social media this week and I new it was time for me to touch this subject. This is something that I as a man deal with on a regular basis. It is something that happens in our society a lot because we have so many things that can take our attention. We can have games and television right in our hands anywhere we go. Even right now while I’m writing this my wife is in the room with me and the tv is going. Distractions from our calling are all around us. It is up to us to secure our time with God. We must understand that even now with this digital age that we live in everything can be done at our fingertips. Since that is the case when it comes to our favorite shows on tv then why cant we pause sometimes and take out some time for God? Why can’t we put everything on pause and take some time to read our Bible or pray and meditate unto God.

Just like we see in this cartoon distractions are everywhere but God is still calling for us to hear him. Have you put yourself in a position to maintain your good relationship with the father. Will your distractions get in the way of what God has called you to do in this season? I personally have a desire to be able to hear from my Shepard all of the time. I pray that you will take a look at your distractions and make a move towards God. I Love You and So does the Shepard.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad