Today in our talks about the Fruit of The Spirit we will be talking about characteristic number 5. This characteristic is gentleness in the King James Version of the Bible however in other translations it is described as kindness or meekness. This is very interesting because the 8th characteristic is meekness and sometimes translated as gentleness. What makes this interesting and I had to do some digging in order for it to make sense is that they are indeed similar but with a different meaning nonetheless. I will not go to much in detail because in three more post we will be digging into meekness.

When discussing the characteristic of Gentleness we have to understand that Gentleness is an action; that is the difference. When you want to be gentle to someone you have to make an effort. It is not something that sort of just happens. While I was doing this study I ran across this analogy of an elephant who has about 40,000 muscles just in its trunk alone. With that trunk it is strong enough to pull down large tree branches but also gentle and delicate enough to pick up a blade of grass. The elephant has to make an effort to be gentle just as he has to make an effort to be strong.

Let’s now take it to us as fathers. When you are dealing with your children in a situation that would make you upset you have to make an effort to be gentle or to go off the handle. A few weeks back my youngest two children and I were coming into the house. While we were coming inside my youngest child had my cellphone that we had just purchased in March. She accidentally drops the phone face down on the porch and breaks the screen in multiple places. Instantly I get upset but I catch myself and handle the situation in a better way. I had to make an effort to be gentle with her instead of screaming at her. Which my older children had they been there would have probably completely expected me to scream. The moral is God has asked us to be gentle. He expects us to make the effort when things are not going the way that we think they should to choose gentleness over anger. I pray that whomever reads this will take a stand towards being more gentle.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad