A Christian Dad on a Whole New Level!

I had to take a personal break from writing and communicating through my blog. It was hard for me because I had set up Calendar reminders to tell me when to write. I had to take a break because I had lost focus. I don’t feel that I was meeting the intent of what I had originally sought out to meet. Now that we are in a new year I want to bring forth a new focus to the blog. I want to talk to you from a fitness prospective. Now I’m not talking about just physical fitness but spiritual fitness as well. Our families now when we are fit and they know when we are not. So to begin this year I am going to share with you some goals that I plan to complete between now and the end of the year. These goals have spiritual aspiration and physical aspiration. I pray that as you read through what my two main goals are that you will be able to help me complete them as well as join in on the journey of Fitness with me.

My first goal is to read 50 books this year. This is a very attainable task but in order for them to count they have to be Christian/ ministry based. They also can not be assigned by any school that I attend just in case I find myself starting my Masters degree this year. I have already started one it is entitled Being A Disciple: Counting the Real Cost it is written by Kay Arthur, Tom and Jane Hart. It is more of a book set up for a small group bible study but I realize in order to find good text to teach your small groups from you have to first read the lesson yourself. With this goal I would like for you guys to help by recommending books that you think will help me in ministry. In my endeavor to read 50 Christian Books this year I will surely get to them all and if not this year next year I will continue the quest of knowledge and spiritual fitness.

My next goal is for physical fitness. I would not consider myself the most fit person in the world but I am decently fit. I plan to participate this year In three Spartan Races I am already signed up for 2 of them and will sign up for the third after I complete the first ones. I have started a training plan that should help me to be in well enough shape to complete the races respectably. I would like for you as my followers to support me by being encouraging and just sending words of encouragement as I share with you my suck sessions of workouts. To begin the year I did an 8 mile ruck march and did 10 squats every quarter mile for a total of 320 squats. It was a good start to the year and it was very taxing on my body so I know that I have a lot of work to do if I’m going to be in shape enough to complete two races in one weekend.

The Workout map

With proper nutrition and prayer while I workout I feel that my body will be in tip top shape for my upcoming goals. I know that God is preparing me for something great and the only way that I will be able to complete what he has in store is if I go into a time of preparation. I pray that everyone who reads this leaves me a book to read and a prayer to get me through the physical test that God is going to put me through this year.

Yours in Christ,

A Christian Dad