We are now at the forth Fruit of The Spirit. To me the text seems to come to somewhat of a change of course when it gets to where we are now. The three prior to this one seemed to be more happy characteristics of the Spirit but now we are at one that takes more dedication. We are at the characteristic of “LONGSUFFERING”. In the King James Version of the Bible it is translated this way in most other translations it is simply spoken as patience. I personally don’t feel like patience gives this characteristic its full justice. I think when you use patience you are lessening the characteristic that must be built here. Let me explain why.

Longsuffering here in the text better translated from the Greek means slow tempered or slow to get angry. When I think patience I think about just waiting for something to happen or someone to give something to me. Like I patiently wait for my birthday. When I hear Longsuffering it is different in the sense that I may have to suffer through things that are not pleasant until God finds it pleasing to pull me out of it. It takes more out of you to be slow to anger than it does to just be patient.

Let’s take it to something that men can deal with and understanding Sports. Football season has just started and many of us have been waiting with anticipation for the new season to begin. However, we did not have to seek the face of God daily so that we would have the ability to make it through that endeavor to me that’s patience. On the other hand we are at work and we have this co-worker who just knows how to push all of your buttons. To the point that you sometimes get to the point where you just want to quit. Or you are truly at the point where you have to seek the face of God in order for you to be able to maintain your composure in your work environment; that is longsuffering.

Fathers this is a tough one even for me at times. I have had moments in my marriage and in my raising of my children that I have felt like I am in some longsuffering moments. Moments where I have to seek God and ask him how I am going to make it through this situation with my child. God has put this here in the text for a reason. He wants us to know that even though you may have love, joy and peace you have to have longsuffering to get to the otherside of your spiritual journey. There are going to be trails and tribulations that are going to come up in your life and its going to take every bit of your being to make it through it.

God has placed it in my Spirit to pray as I write this. Everyone who makes it to this point in the article will receive this special blessing. Lord I ask that whomever reads this writing will be granted the ability to be slow to anger. That they will accept the Characteristic of longsuffering so that they will be stronger Christians. That through this walk with Christ even though at times things get tough but you God have placed something special in them that will give them the ability to make it through those tough times. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen.

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad