Let’s Talk Peace

In our talks about the different Fruits of The Spirit we have traversed through two and now we are on the third and that is Peace. When it comes to peace it was one that took a hold of me in a special way. This word like the others that we have talked about so far love and joy can have multiple meanings depending on how it is used but lets dig in.

Peace as a word is very important to me because it brings back memories from my childhood. I was a child that use to cry about everything and I mean everything; which is weird because you can’t pay me to cry now. The point though is on my mother’s mom’s side of the family at any funeral that we would attend they would always sing the Hymn “It Is Well” and before they would get to the word Peace in the song I would be in tears like crazy. It however is my mother’s favorite hymn I think to date. For me though I can listen to the same song today and it gives me just what the song says in the first line. It gives me Peace like a river. I have grown to love the song and how it has such a calming effect on things that are going on all around me.

The word Peace also brings me to the verse in Numbers 6:26 that states “The Lord lift up his countenance on you, and give you peace.” I have learned even through this verse that the Lord God we serve has the ability to bring us Peace. We have to have Peace within our lives in order for us to pull all of the other Fruits of The Spirit together. Peace is so important to me I don’t think I could live my life without it. Our homes must have Peace in order for them to function properly.

Fathers what I mean by our homes have to have peace in order for them to function is simple in theory. Without that peace within our homes there would be constant fighting and upheaval at home. When that is introduced instead of peace then we are losing the love and joy from our homes that we have already began to add. Peace allows us to be able to keep the things that have already grounded us into good Christians. We have to have the peace in our lives and on that note I must say PEACE!!!

Yours In Christ,

A Christian Dad